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SAPIN MTL est un service de livraison de sapins naturels dans la région de Montréal. L'équipe de lutins de SAPIN MTL se charge de la livraison, de l'installation et de la récupération du sapin dès la fin du temps des fêtes! 

How it works

Sapin MTL allows you to get a quality natural tree in less than 24 hours without so much as leaving your house! Sapin MTL’s elves take care of the delivery, installation and recuperation of the tree ince the Holiday Season has ended.

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How it works? 

On the home page, select your Christmas tree and follow the steps right up the the secure payment platform Paypal. In addition to your tree, you will have the option of adding the rental or purchase of a tree foot. Moreover, SAPIN MTL offers a salvage and cleaning service of the tree after Christmas holiday. 

Once the order completed, you will receive a confirmation email including all the details of your order as well as the date and time of delivery. Deliveries will be made on weekdays between 5pm and 9pm and on weekends between 9am and 5pm. They will begin on November 15th and end on December 24th.

Why a natural Christmas tree? 

Long has there been a debate around the most eco friendly Chsitmas tree. According to a study lead by Ellio, Conseil en Développement Durable , artificial trees have an ecological footprint three times the size of a natural tree on the environment. The same study revealed that an artificial tree would need to be used for 20 years for its environmental impact to be the same as a natural tree. Yet, on average, Quebequers keeps their artifical trees only 6 years. Moreover, buyins local natural trees also means encouraging the creation of thousands of jobs in Quebec’s rural regions.

Care guide for a natural Christmas tree

The first watering should be made with tepid water to facilitate a rapid circulation of the sap. As it warms up, the tree will let the water rise bringing the wanted humidity til the needles.

Your tree wil absorb multiple liters of water during the first week or so, before being less thirsty. It is therefor essential to be rigorous in your watering.

Don’t forget! Your tree is 100% recycable. The SAPIN MTL team offers a salvage and cleaning service as soon as the Holiday Season ends. All you need to do is add this option during the ordering process.